Coulson Building Group, providing a comprehensive range of building services since 1884.

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Over a period of more than 135 years our construction skills have made a lasting contribution to the Region’s built environment. The hall marks of quality and reliability can be seen in major building projects across the East of England of which many of them were won through competitive tenders.

To meet the challenges of being competitive throughout East Anglia, Coulson Building Group have developed a comprehensive and detailed partnership and relationships with the local supply chain and developed successful partnerships, built on trust and reliability, which exceed client expectations. Having been established for over 130 years, Coulson has worked with most of the building supply chain in East Anglia and we do regular business with the best. The benefits of using long-term partners include competive costs, fast mobilisation and high productivity through well-established relationships and working practices. At the same time, we are open to working with new companies that can bring fresh ideas and products to help with innovation and keep costs low.

We get involved in all types of competitive tenders of which includes Design and Build, JCT and NEC contracts on a Bill of Quantities, Remeasure and Fixed Price basis.

For further details please see out portfolio of project case studies or contact David Watson on:
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Weatheralls primary school front Redwing Newmarket Road development