Coulson Building Group, providing a comprehensive range of building services since 1884.

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The Coulson Building Group recognises that its business activities have both a direct and indirect impact on the environment through energy use, waste produced and the activities of our supply chain.

We will, through good management, minimise this impact and create a cleaner, safer and healthier working environment. We are committed to continually improving our environmental performance and preventing pollution to land, air and water as a result of our activities.


In recognising these needs Coulson Building Group aims to:

  1. Reduce our carbon footprint to zero by 2040.
  2. Consider the environmental impact of all our operations and take steps to minimise this impact.
  3. Ensure that our staff has a sound understanding of environmental issues relating to our business and   provide appropriate training for those with specific responsibilities.
  4. Utilise our ISO14001 Environmental Management System for all Company processes.
A full copy of our Environmental Manual is available on request.


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